Kia Motors has introduced the launch of a new sub-brand, Drive Wise, for its future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). This is the latest step Kia is taking to create “intelligently safe” vehicles. Kia has also recently announced their plans to manufacture partially-autonomous cars by 2020 and wants to bring its first fully-autonomous (self-driving) vehicle to the road by 2030.

Drive Wise technologies are currently under development. They are engineered to improve safety for everyone on the road by eliminating potential dangers as well as the boredom of driving while also changing how drivers interact with their vehicles.

The Consumer Electronics Show, held this week, was the perfect place for Kia to introduce Drive Wise. Some technologies on display included:

  • Highway Autonomous Driving (HAD) employs a combination of radar and camera detection systems to interpret lane markings, allowing the car to stay in its lane or switch into others to overtake other vehicles or follow a different road; all without driver input.
  • Urban Autonomous Driving (UAD) applies GPS and sensors to identify the car’s position on the road, allowing it to safely navigate through densely-congested city environments while responding to live traffic updates.
  • Preceding Vehicle Following (PVF) is an enhanced lane-keeping system which monitors the vehicle in front and allows the car to calculate its own path relative to it, following at a safe distance if road markings are indecipherable due to poor conditions or road layout.
  • Emergency Stop System (ESS) operates in correlation with Kia’s Driver Status Monitoring (DSM) system, to analyze the driver’s face, ensuring their attention does not stray from the road for too long. If it detects that the driver takes their eyes from the road for too long, ESS can automatically direct the car into an appropriate side lane and come to a halt.
  • Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) monitors the vehicle in front during congested traffic conditions, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front and moving into appropriate spaces to gain ground.
  • Autonomous Valet Parking allows drivers to exit the car and let the vehicle park itself remotely, activated using the smart key or a smartwatch.

These technologies are designed to make driving safer and easier for drivers.

Learn more about the announcement and get more information about Drive Wise here.

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