During wintertime, many seasoned winter weather drivers have their go-to car hacks to outsmart the snow and ice. If you’d like to learn a few new tricks for being the winter driving blues, we’ve put together a list of some simple tricks to keep in mind.

When things are frozen shut…

  • If your windshield wiper blades stick to the windshield, soak a cloth with full-strength rubbing alcohol and wipe each blade. The alcohol will keep the blades from sticking to the glass.

  • Rub a pump of hand sanitizer on your door lock when it’s frozen shut to melt the ice and allow you to unlock and/or open your door to get out of the cold quicly.

  • If you are trying to insert a key into the door lock and it is frozen, stick a drinking straw into the lock and blow into it. The heat from your breath will melt the ice.

In case of foggy windshields…

  • Before it gets foggy, cover the inside of your windshield with shaving cream and then immediately wipe it off. Shaving cream has many of the ingredients found in commercial defoggers. This is a great way to keep the fog away before it ever happens!

  • Keep a chalkboard eraser in your car. Wipe the inside of your windshield/windows with it to get rid of fog without leaving smudges on the glass.

  • If all else fails, roll your windows down for a minute to let some fresh air in to defog the glass. Being cold for a few moments longer is much safer than driving with an obstructed view!

The things you can do with socks…

  • Use a pair of inexpensive socks to cover your windshield wipers overnight or during the day while you’re at work to keep the snow off. Raise the wipers up off the glass and slip a sock over each one for easier de-icing when it’s time to leave.

  • Keep a spare pair (or the same pair) of socks in your glove box or somewhere else handy. Put them over your shoes when it’s time to walk across icy surfaces or are forced to push your car for better traction.

What are your best winter car tips? Let us know!
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